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I am getting a little bit older now and I have gone through many phases over the years but one thing that has remained relatively constant over the years is my love for Batman.  I may loose interest from time to time, but whether it’s through the TV show, comics, cartoons or movies; I always find myself coming back to Batman. One thing that I have always taken for granted but now strikes me as odd is how involved Commissioner Gordon is with every case.

When I think about high-ranking police officers like Captains and Commissioners I typically think of someone who works behind a desk and mostly does administrative work.  When they do take an interest in a case its usually to suspend the loose cannon detective for going to far, which result in said detective slamming their badge on his desk.  Albeit most of my knowledge of law enforcement comes from television and movies, so maybe it is perfectly natural for a police commissioner to be at every crime scene 

Its possible that some of the cops in Gotham see his constant presence at every crime scene and willingness to still do grunt police work as a morale booster, I also can’t help but to think that his presence might be a distraction.  It has to be hard for officers and detectives of the Gotham city police department to effectively do their jobs with their boss constantly looking over their shoulder.   Solving puzzles left behind by the Riddler are challenging enough on their own, but having to do it in front the Commissioner would add an unnecessary amount pressure.

I can’t help but to imagine that taking an interest in so many cases must distract him from his administrative duties, which after all is his job description.  I wonder how many important meetings Commissioner Gordon has skipped over the years because the Two-Face was out causing mischief.  Officers have to cringe every time a criminal, like the Joker for example, breaks out of Blackgate Prison or Arkham Asylum and goes on a murdering rampage as this will not only increase their work load but prevent the Commissioner from approving a new budget.


Written by rolandtrotter

February 15, 2014 at 3:08 am

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