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I Don’t See The Appeal of Mad Men

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I am having a little trouble seeing the appeal of Mad Men. The show has been out for a while and won some awards, so I assumed based on its longevity and popularity that the show must be really good. A few months ago I decided to give chance and the first couple of episodes seemed kind of slow and dry so I convinced myself that it must pick up at some point and I gave it a couple more episodes. I watched episode after episode waiting for the good part to show up only to be disappointed when the good part never came.

It was weird how the show never really did pick up despite ample opportunities for the drama to build; only it seemed to dissolve before it ever went anywhere. Examples of disappointing drama include Don trying to get Pete fired but couldn’t because of how powerful Pete’s family was or Pete trying to black mail Don only to find out that no one cared about Don’s past.

Don Draper is clearly an anti-hero but if you put him next to other anti-heroes on television like Tony Soprano and Walter White, he quickly looks tame be comparison. When Don finds out that his girlfriend is in love with another man and simply walks away, I almost want to strip him of his anti-hero status. He comes across looking like one of one of the members of the Rat Pack that you have to Google after you name off Davis Jr, Sinatra, and Martin.

I will admit I enjoyed watching men on the show smoke and drink while occasionally sexually harassing the women in the office, basically doing all the things that made Don an anti-hero. Once I got past all that it felt like I was just watching people going to work. I suppose I should say don’t spoil any good parts after the first season, but if anything good happens after the first season go ahead and spoil it because I probably won’t watch it.


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