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Maybe I play video games a bit too much,

But when it comes to Grand Theft Auto I can’t be touched,

It don’t matter if its San Andreas or Vice City,

Whether its CJ or Tommy Vercetti,

I’ll be strapped with an SMG and an AK,

Out doing drive bys all day,

Shooting people in their faces,

I got Nitros on my ride so I am winning the races,

I don’t use cheat codes because I keeps it real,

But if I see a Stallion then I gots to steal.


I remember Grand Theft Auto III,

All alone in the city of Liberty.

Surrounded by sin,

Looking at buildings that I couldn’t go in,

8 Ball was my only friend,

Showing where to go,

Telling me all the people that I needed to know,

My safe house was a one room shack,

Vice City now I pastel suit on my back,

But I got no love for authority,

Because of the police brutality. 


Written by rolandtrotter

September 12, 2013 at 12:48 am

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