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Overzealous iphone

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I have been talking to a girl named Courtney and we have been trying for a couple of weeks to meet up but so far we haven’t been able to make that happen. Typically when responding to a text message with an iphone it will offer some suggestions to make texting faster and easier and the suggestions are usually generic. Recently I got a text from Courtney asking if I wanted to meet up downtown.  I looked at what my phone was suggesting what I should respond with and I saw: a winky face emoji, a smiley face emoji, and LOL!

At first i was shocked and was wondering how my phone knows that I am into her in that way. Is my phone reading our text messages? Which seems like an invasion of privacy. If my phone is able to read our text messages, is it thinking ‘I’ve seen your bad attempts at flirting on here, now let me take a shot at this’. Is my phone trying to be my wingman? If so, I am not totally oppose to it, but usually when you’re looking for dating advice you want to go to someone with more experience or more success in dating. My concern is if I were to use the iphone’s third suggestion of ‘LOL!,’ to her wanting to meet up, would send mixed signals.

I met up with Courtney and a couple of her friends downtown and had a good time.  I sent her a text the next day and as I was texting I started to notice some of the words that my phone was suggesting I say to her.  My phone wanted me to tell her that she looked stunning and that I love her.  I like my phone’s enthusiasm, but I feel like it needs to take it down a notch.  In the span of a day it went from wanting me to use poorly timed emojis and LOL!s, to wanting me to say I love you to someone I have known for a couple of weeks.  Definitely want to see Courtney again, but I am starting to think that if it doesn’t workout my phone might take it harder than me

If the iphone has the capability of being a wingman and can help guys out with relationships, then Apple should advertise this feature. Lonely and frustrated guys are overpaying for relationship coaches, and could seriously cut cost by simply getting an iphone.


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August 10, 2015 at 2:30 am

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