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Homeless II: Texas Edition

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I have done stand up in Austin a few times since moving to Texas, on of my favorite rooms to tell jokes is the Velveeta Room on Sixth street. As it is almost impossible to find a place to park on Sixth Street, I am typically forced to park at a garage a couple of blocks away. My route from the garage to the club is adjacent to a bus station, which is usually filled with homeless people, as homeless people typically love bus stations. I would like to believe that they are peaceful vagrants who have fallen on hard times, however seeing a couple of homeless people getting arrested outside of a dilapidated house across from the previously mentioned bus station made me think that they were a rather rambunctious sort.

My first time doing stand up in Austin I mentioned on stage that the first two or three people that talked to me that night were homeless people asking for money, and it made a weird first impression of Austin. After about the third time I was asked for money I began to wonder if anyone in this city has a job. When I finished my set I stepped out side, and was approached by another homeless person. I told him that I just did stand up and he proceeded to do about three minutes of jokes. It was not the most original material I’ve ever heard but I gave him a couple of dollars, as it was a pretty original way to preface a request for money.

One of the most interesting things I’ve seen in Texas regarding homeless people is in the city I currently live in, Killeen. Here on Sundays homeless people sell newspapers by the side of the road. While selling newspapers may provide homeless people with an opportunity to earn money, it seems to me that with all the struggles that print media has faced over that last few years using smelly and poorly dressed salesmen is extremely counter productive. There is a chance that they are not really homeless if some one is poorly dressed and standing a few feet from the road I consider them homeless.

Over the past few months I have noticed that most of the homeless people I have seen lately have signs that read ‘God Bless You’ or mention God in some other form or fashion. It has made me wonder why aren’t people from other religions losing their homes as well? It just seems odd that extreme poverty only affects one religion in particular.


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