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Lately I have found myself loosing sympathy for homeless people.  I first began loosing sympathy for homeless a few months ago when I was robbed by a homeless man.  I stopped at a gas station to get some gas, as soon as I got out of my car I was approached by a homeless asking me to give him a ride.  I tried to use the same strategy that almost every girl who has turned me down for a date used, so I looked disinterested and told him I already have something planned.

He proved to be more persistent than I had anticipated, as he followed me from my car to the gas station, waited for me to prepay and followed me back to my car.  I was very annoyed by his constant asking for a ride, the alarming point in the conversation was when the question of “Can I get ride?” evolved into “Can we get a ride?”  At this point a second homeless person showed up, and my feelings of annoyance were soon replaced by feelings of intimidation and fear.

I don’t remember ever telling them that I would give them a ride but do remember being too afraid to tell them to get out of my car after they let themselves in.  I also remember being too intimidated to tell them that I would prefer them not smoke in my car, rather I told them they could smoke as long as they rolled down their windows.  I had forgotten that the windows in the back of my car are broke and don’t roll down, though this would not prove to be problematic for the homeless man riding in the back as he opted to ash in my back seat.

After a few minutes the homeless man riding in the front seat began to notice my nervousness and to his credit tried to make things a little more relaxing by starting up a conversation.  As we were talking he asked me if I’ve ever eaten sushi, to which I replied no.  As the conversation progressed I realized that “eating sushi,” for some, is a euphemism for oral sex.  At first I was jealous that a homeless man was eating more exotic foods than me, later I became envious that a homeless man was experiencing a more interesting sex life than I was.  

I was relieved to hear the homeless man in the front seat tell me that we were almost there; as we already passed the distance that we agreed on of just a little was down the street.  When we arrived to our destination which turned out to be a pawn shop I was relieved to see our adventure come to an end, though that feeling of relief would soon be replaced by feelings of disappointment and violation when I realized that some of my CD cases were missing. 

I haven’t lost sympathy for all homeless people.  There is this one homeless man with an electric wheel chair that I see every once in a while, and I feel awful every time I see him.  I don’t show my sensitive side very often, but I can’t help but to feel a little sympathetic every time I see him and its not just because he homeless and handicapped but I know it has to be frustrating owning an electric wheel chair without a home to charge it at.


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