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My Mom and I

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For as far back as I can remember people have told me that my mom and I look alike and I am never quite sure how to take this comment.  Are they trying to say that I look like a forty something women or could their intentions be to say that my mom looks like a dude? In either case it is hard to accept this as complimentary.  Even though there may be some similarities in our appearances our personalities are more diverse.   

One thing about me that I feel is worth noting, is that I am not a morning person. I don’t mean that in typical meaning that we usually attach to the phrase “morning person” that describes how approachable a person is early in the morning.  When I say that I am not a morning person I mean that I don’t usually experience the morning, or to put it more accurately I experience as little of the morning as possible.  When I have some place to be I try to wake up about half an hour before I am supposed to be there.My mom takes a different approach to mornings, she is up at about five every morning. Even if there is nothing special on the agenda, for some reason sleeping in is not an option for her.  I suppose sometimes if you are the only one awake you might won’t some one to talk to, and I think for this reason my mom talks to me when I am asleep.  

At some point in our very one sided conversations she may assign some sort of chore for me to that day.When ever these chores are given to me I am never aware of them, mostly because I am asleep when they are given to me.  This tends to create some very confusing arguments.  I can’t tell you how many times my mom has come home upset with me for not paying the water bill, meanwhile I am clueless about why I am being yelled at.

One other chore that was assigned to me while I was asleep was the task of shredding all of my family’s personal documents that my mom refuses to throw away due to fear of identity theft.  As usual she comes home and discovers that the chore was still incomplete, and I could tell that she wasn’t mad she was just disappointed.  When she told me again, this time while I am awake, that she wanted me to shred some papers, I went over to the basket where all things to be shredded were.  In the basket I discover things like bank statements and receipts, but I also notice that there were some empty envelopes as well.  When I asked her about the empty envelopes she told me that she did want to throw out any thing with our address on it.  I started to remind her that our address is on the side of our house where almost any could find it, but I thought it would be best to keep this quiet. I didn’t her want to tell me, while I am asleep, to take the numbers off of our house


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