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Harry Potter Nostalgia

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Now that we are a few years removed from the last Harry Potter movie, I have become fully aware of how much I miss looking forward to a new Harry Potter movie every year.  I guess it gave me something to look forward to every fall, until the franchise got lumped in with the summer blockbusters. I even miss the weird nuances, the subtle things that could pass for mistakes or be taken as unrealistic even in a universe where magic is possible.

I miss Harry Potter’s wild-eyed look of amazement that he maintained every time something magical would happen, well into the fifth movie.  He always looked so surprised when someone would make a wall disappear and reveal a hidden passage or make something fly around the room.  I felt like he should have developed an expectation of magic a lot sooner.  I don’t mean to put myself on a pedestal but I figured out that there would be magic happening on a regular basis during the second movie.

The other thing that really came across as unrealistic in a movie about a magic school was the number of students at the school.  It looked like there were a thousand kids attending this school and only about ten teachers sitting at the teacher’s table in the cafeteria.  I don’t know how you can effectively learn magic with a one hundred to one student teacher ratio.  With so many kids going to school to learn magic I think it would flood the job market with too many magicians, and I don’t think that there are enough birthday parties and bar mitzvahs to go around.

I also never understood how learning magic factored into more practical aspects of life.  For instance if you wanted to write for a newspaper like The Daily Prophet would you need to attend Hogwarts for seven years then attend a university to study journalism?  Since The Daily Prophet has magic pictures what would be the price difference of that and a normal newspaper?  If you have to pay tuition of multiple schools and pay a premium on simple things like special newspapers you have to wonder if magic is worth the extra money.

The last thing I feel nostalgic about concerning the Harry Potter movies was how groups of Christians would always complain and protest about how magic was portrayed in the movies.  I found this offensive for a couple of reasons, first it’s as if they were saying that I don’t know the difference in fantasy and reality and second it is like they are saying Willow wasn’t worth protesting.


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