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Thoughts on Mr. Darcy

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I remember reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in college in Eng 382, this novel was one of the few books really enjoyed in that class.  What was a little disappointing was how my comments and observations about the novel didn’t always go over so well in the class discussions. I thought I would share some of my thoughts on one of the novels main characters, Mr. Darcy.  I hope you enjoy my observations more than my former classmates.

One thing I don’t understand why everyone in the novel Pride and Prejudice reacts in an exclamatory fashion every time they see Mr. Darcy.  It’s as if no one ever expects to see him anywhere.  There is only about fifteen characters in the novel and ten of them are in the Bennet family, it would seem that at some point they would become aware of the possibility of occasionally running into Mr. Darcy.  Even Mr. Darcy’s friends and relatives exclaim when they see him, it’s as if no one has any expectation of ever seeing him.

Another thing that I found bothersome regarding Mr. Darcy is that he always seems to hold the Bennet family in contempt; yet he keeps hanging out with them and inviting them places.  I realize he is just trying to be a good wingman for Mr. Bingley, but a certain point he comes across as a glutton for punishment.  After Mr. Darcy accidently stole Mr. Bingley’s original love interest, it would seem that the two of them would both benefit from dissolving the wingman aspect of their friendship. This would allow Mr. Bingley to pick up a girl and give Mr. Darcy a chance to separate himself from people who annoy him.

Later in the novel Mr. Darcy out of a need to enforce his sense of propriety, travels across the country to ensure that Captain Wickham did the right thing and married Lydia, after they had sex.  By being a third party who ensured that the right thing was done by men looking to take advantage of young naive women, Mr. Darcy comes across as a front runner to Maury Povich.  It would be interesting to see what Mr. Darcy could have accomplished if DNA testing were around during Jane Austen’s lifetime.


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February 20, 2013 at 3:17 am

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