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Reading Rainbow For Adults

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This year I have found myself reading more than I have in years past, to the point where I have actually bought a Barnes and Nobles membership card.  I use the membership as a sort of benchmark to show how much I have been reading, as in the past as I never thought I would spend two hundred and fifty dollars required to justify spending twenty-five dollars on the card; that would give you ten percent off all in store purchases.  I’m not really sure if the need to buy a Barnes and Nobles membership is the appropriate way to describe an avid reader but in my case I think it’s a fairly accurate way to quantify time-spent reading.

For the most part I read humor books and books about baseball, aside from a few graphic novels I really don’t read that much fiction.  Its not that I am opposed to reading fiction, its that I haven’t yet figured out what I like.  That’s why I wish there was a Reading Rainbow for adults, and LeVar Burton could come on give me suggestions on what I should read.  He could give me reviews on some books for adults, but insist that I not take his word for it.   

Because a Reading Rainbow for adults doesn’t exist I started asking my friends for suggestions on what book I should read next.  I suppose I was trying to turn my friends in to my own personal LeVar Burton, though this idea was kind of flawed as they didn’t always have suggestions and offered little in the way of educational shorts (its important to continue to learn).

When I asked my friend Giovanni for book suggestions he told me to try the Hunger Games.  I was a little skeptical at first as to whether of not I would like the Hunger Games, then I found out that the book’s author, Suzanne Collins, also wrote for Clarissa Explains It All, sense I was already familiar with her body of work I thought I would pick up the books.

I bought the entire trilogy in a leap of faith that I would like the books, and the gamble paid off, as the books were pretty good.  After I got into the series I finished all three books in only a couple of weeks.  At first I was very impressed with the pace that I was reading, and then I remembered that the Hunger Games books were written for teenagers, and it would be kind of sad if I weren’t reading them at a fast pace. 


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January 15, 2013 at 12:45 am

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