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The Airing of Grievances

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The holiday’s are just around the corner and any good Sienfeld fan should know that Christmas is a harbinger for Festivus.  Festivus, the holiday founded by Frank Costanza, takes place the day after Christmas and begins with the Airing of Grievances.   The Airing of Grievances is where you let everyone know how they have hurt, wronged or disappointed you.  In keeping with the holiday spirit I want to quote Frank Costanza by saying “I got a lot of problems with you people and now your going to hear about it!” Now I would like to air some of my grievances for you.

The first grievance that I would like to talk about is Taylor Swift’s song ‘Love Story’.  In this song she makes references to both The Scarlet Letter and Romeo and Juliette, neither of which are love stories.  I’m not pointing this out to make fun of Taylor Swift’s intelligence or her knowledge of literature, because she is so pretty that her intelligence is a nonissue.  My main concern here is that girls who look up to Taylor Swift may start to think that The Scarlet Letter and Romeo and Juliette are love stories; and I think dating is hard enough without self mutilation and suicide being incorporated into romance.

My next grievance is with Hulu.  I remember Hulu used to only show a couple of commercials for each episode I watched.  Sometimes Hulu would forget to show commercials at all, or the advertisement wouldn’t work and Hulu give me an apology for the nonworking commercial.  Now every commercial break has a least three advertisements.   Not only am I forced to watch more commercials, but also I am forced to watch the same commercials, as Hulu seems to have only four advertisements for nine different advertisement slots (I did not fact check those numbers at all, it was a very rough estimate).  Hulu’s autoplay upsets me more than the commercials.  I find it extremely presumptuous that it thinks it knows what show I want to watch next.  What makes me so upset about Hulu’s autoplay is that it’s almost always right, and I think I’m more upset with myself for being so predictable.

Chick-fil-a upset me this year by introducing a new dessert menu. My grievance is not with the dessert menu as a whole, the cookies are delightful by the way, but replacing the old brownie with a new brownie that doesn’t have nuts.  I was told that this was done to accommodate those with nut allergies.  Rather than simply remove nuts from the recipe, Chick-fil-a came up with a new brownie recipe and altered the taste, and portion size of the brownie.  I was very passionate about the old brownie, so much so that I would eat the brownie before my Chick-fil-a sandwich to avoid filling up on nutrients avoiding the risk of not being able to finish the brownie.

My final grievance is with Fox sports who goes out of its way to ruin baseball every summer.  First by blacking out all the games that are on at the same time as it Saturday Game of The Week, in an attempt to monopolize the baseball ratings. By doing this I am not only unable to watch the teams I like but I’m forced to watch teams I hate.  Second thing that Fox does to ruin baseball is insist on showing countless replays of things that don’t affect the outcome of the game.  I don’t need to see three different camera angles of a breaking ball in an 0-2 count, this literally happens every game.  The third thing that Fox does to ruin baseball is have Tim McCarver and Joe Buck broadcast the games.  I’ve heard these two gossip about David Ortiz using performance enhancing drugs and Miguel Cabrera driving under the influence, but I’ve never heard Joe Buck call Ben Roethlisberger a rapist during when he is broadcasting NFL games


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December 15, 2012 at 9:33 pm

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