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Tabloids: Steve Buscemi and Taylor Swift

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Couple of months ago I was walking through the grocery store and I saw a headline on one of the tabloids that read, ‘Six Months to Live’ over a picture of what I thought was Steve Buscemi. In panic went over to the newsstand to take a closer look and felt a sigh of relief when I realized it was Macauly Culkin and not Steve Buscemi. Its not that I am happy that Macauly Culkin only has months to live, its more that I am happy that Steve Buscemi is not going to die in a few months.

If I had to choose between the two, I would obviously choose Buscemi over Culkin. Steve Buscemi has appeared in many of my favorite movies like Reservoir Dogs, Big Daddy, and Big Lebowski; let me add that I love Home Alone, Good Son and Richie Rich so don’t think I don’t I don’t appreciate Macauly Culkin’s films as well. The difference is that Steve Buscemi is still making films where as Macauly Culkin really hasn’t done much over the past few years, his last good movie was Saved and thought Mandy Moore stole the spotlight from him. I can’t help but wonder if Macauly Culkin looks like Steve Buscemi with a few months to live, what will Steve Busemi look like when he only has a few months to live?

Another tabloid recently grabbed my attention describing a recent event that involved Taylor Swift cheating on Conor Kennedy with another member of the Kennedy family. Taylor Swift cheating on her boyfriend doesn’t surprise me, she has made mistakes before; take for example when a previous boyfriend gave her roses and she left them there to die. Now what does surprise me is that cheating on her boyfriend with another member of the Kennedy family actually made the news, we have a long standing tradition in this country of not holding women accountable for their actions when it involves the Kennedys.

This tradition started in the 1960’s when no one passed judgment on Marylyn Monroe for her relationship with JFK, or Jackie Onassis for being so passive during his infidelity. Robert Kennedy also had extra marital affairs and no one has ever judged his wife or his mistresses for their passivity or their involvement. No one passed judgment on Elaine Benes when she made and early exit in the contest as a result of being in the same aerobics class as JKF Jr, during the classic episode of Seinfeld. For years the Kennedys have been infallible and women simply aren’t held accountable for their actions around them, I am not comfortable breaking this tradition especially with Taylor Swift.


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October 16, 2012 at 11:42 pm

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