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Frustration With Laundry

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I suppose I have become a bit of a minimalist, which may be a factor in my frustration with laundry. When I say I have become a bit of a minimalist I mean that I only have enough clothes to last about a week and a half before I start dressing a little to dressy or incredibly trashy to the point I could be mistaken for a homeless person.  Just to clarify when I say that I could be mistaken for a homeless person I mean someone who has recently become homeless, meaning that if I were to ask someone for money I would tell them that I need money for a bus ticket because a friend in Georgia is going to help me get a job and a place to stay for a while.  My trashy clothes don’t look so bad that I would ask you for money for food or alcohol as someone who has been homeless for a longer period of time might do.  What’s problematic is one of dryers in my buildings laundry room burns wholes in my clothes and continually adds to the part of my wardrobe that a homeless person might wear.

One of my favorite shirts is a solid black v-neck shirt, a shirt that had fallen victim to this villainous dryer one too many times and has reached a point that I could no longer wear it confidently. The day I realized that my solid black v-neck had accumulated too many holes occurred last week when I noticed that I did not have enough boxer shorts to last until laundry day, which is Sunday.  The solution seemed simple enough I would simply go shopping and replace the v-neck and buy more boxer shorts. 

I went to Target where I found a v-neck, though the v wasn’t as deep as I would have like I figure it will have to do until a more suitable v-neck can be found.  While at Target I also purchased some Hanes boxer shorts with the comfort fit waistband that Michael Jordan has endorsed. I feel its worth pointing out that Michael Jordan may not know much about running an NBA team as the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats are the worst team in NBA history with only seven wins, but the man knows a thing or two about under wear; the comfort fit waistband is amazing.

After purchasing the additional underwear I thought my problems were solved, until Sunday rolled around which in turn represented the next laundry day and I once again found my self without any suitable underwear.  I was once again forced to go to Target and buy more underwear. I didn’t mind the chore of going back to the store so much it was the math that I found troubling.  The previous week I was short on underwear so that I didn’t have any thing to work with on laundry day, I would estimate that I had six pair of boxer shorts.  I bought a four pack of boxer shorts, which should land me in the neighborhood of ten.  I should have enough under wear to last me a week with four pairs to act as some sort of a buffer incase I am in a bit of a pinch and can’t do laundry on my normally earmarked day of Sunday. 

The fact that I was forced to buy additional underwear can be attributed to the following explanations: I am terrible with math, the dryers are worse that I originally thought and are destroying clothes altogether instead of simply burning holes in them or I have a stalker who is stealing my underwear.


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