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The Most Problematic Haircut I Have Recieved

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I went to get a haircut and I arrived early in the hopes that if there wasn’t anyone already being attended to by the stylist that I might be seen sooner. Once I got out of the car I was stopped my someone who recognized me but I had no idea who he was, though I pretended to know exactly who he was, and this became problematic as he wanted to reminisce. I would not have to admit that I had no idea who he was as long as I kept the conversation general and short. As soon as he began to push for a more intimate discourse I cut the conversation short and walked away, despite seeming rude I feel as though i made the wiser decision since if he saw through my ruse this would make the conversation more awkward.

When I got inside I was disappointed to find out that Sam was indeed cutting someone else’s hair, so I opted to wait in the waiting room. With little to do in the waiting room it became very hard to ignore the fact that I haven’t had anything to eat yet, then all of the sudden a craving for a Whopper with cheese set in. I began to calculate the logistics of a trip to Burger King taking into consideration the time it would take to drive there and back, how much money I had that I could spend and how long it would take eat while working within a twenty five minute deadline as my scheduled hair cut appointment was slowly approaching.

Then plan was complicated by the fact that the guy, who’s identity still eludes, me was still in the parking lot, and I was still unwilling to admit that I didn’t know who he was. I quickly amended the plan to so that I would wait till he was no longer there before I ventured out to my car. I decided to compensate for the wait by driving slightly more aggressively than I usually would.

When my mystery antagonist finally left I was able to put the plan into motion as I set out to achieve the satisfaction that only a Whopper with cheese can bring. When I arrived at Burger King and approached the drive through I soon noticed that that I still had trash in my car from the last time I ate from a fast food restaurant, so quickly decided to throw the trash out of the car before getting to the window. I justified this action in that it would be better for them to think of me as a litterbug then a fast food glutton.

Once I returned for my haircut I saw that I would not be alone in the waiting room, a mother and her two daughters would accompany me. The oldest daughter had a very annoying voice which was painful to listen in and of itself, but the fact that she was talking at a volume that made it difficult to hear the Gin Blossoms play over the stereo, amplified the level of how annoying I found her vice to truly be. The youngest of the daughters was an infant who soiled her self, I realized that she had no control over this and I don’t fault her for it but I was shocked that her mother and older daughter proceeded to change her in the waiting room ignoring that fact that there must have been a restroom near by.

At the end of the day I was thankful that I would not need another hair cut for several weeks and I can go back to where I belong, spending my afternoons watching King of the Hill and Scrubs


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