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The Sims

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Last summer I was really excited when Sims 3 came out and couldn’t wait to play it, most for redemption as my last Sims game ended tragically. If you aren’t familiar with the Sims games they are basically life simulator where your characters have jobs and relationships. Its weird when you want to talk about playing Sims with people who are playing other games and they start bragging about unlocking assault riffles and bonus levels and the only thing that I have to brag about is rearranging the living room and buying a new refrigerator.

On the first Sims I had my main character John Steel, who I was trying to hook up with a female character that I created named Sarah Fox. The two started dating and I thought it would be cool if they got married, however every time he proposed to her she shot him down, so the one time she asks him to marry her he says yes. Problem is that instead of becoming Mr. and Mrs. Steel, he took her last name and they became Mr. and Mrs. Fox, which I always thought was a little emasculating.

After a little time goes by we decide to adopt a baby. At this point too much time has passed and I have gotten to the point where I can no longer take the stupid gibberish that passes for a language in the Sims, so my solution is to turn the volume down and put on some Pearl Jam. This did not work out as expected when I did not hear the baby cry and it was taken away by social services.

After the baby was taken away the Fox family became extremely depressed and it was decided that they should take a couple days off work. So they missed a couple days of work but John seemed to take the trauma especially hard and could not get it together and as a result was fired for missing too many days.

We tried to adjust by making John a stay at home husband who cooked, cleaned and focused on his hobbies. It wasn’t long until we hit a wall when realized that we couldn’t afford the ballin lifestyle with a single income, and soon our furniture started getting reposed. The real tragedy was when we discovered that John didn’t have the cooking skill that Sarah had, though this did not come to our attention until he died in a kitchen fire.


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