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Blood Drive

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Back in January I saw the Hope for Haiti telethon and felt compelled to help, I thout making a donation to the Red Cross would be a step in the right direction so I sought out a blood drive at UNCG. When I made it over to the blood drive there were a couple of ladies working at the check in table by the door, one asked me if I had my ID, to which I told them yes. I was surprised to find out that they did not want to know if I had my ID but wanted to see my ID. Which I feel warranted a completely different question, something along the lines of, “may we see your ID?”

Once the check in process was complete I had a short wait before I was assigned to a nurse who took down my contact information and gave me questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire asked questions like in the last six months have shared any hypodermic needles with anyone, have you had sex with another man, have you got a tattoo and have you had sex with a prostitute. After about ten minutes of answering no to every question I began to notice just how boring my life is. Red Cross should amend the questionnaire to include, “did you spend all day yesterday playing Final Fantasy” this way I can answer yes to something. The act of giving blood was too painful to retell for fear reliving the trauma, so I’ll skip ahead.

When I made my way to the refreshment table I was a little upset by how much my arm was hurting and I sat down with vengeance on my mind. My arm hurt a lot more than I thought it should so I took more cookies than I thought I should. The volunteers who were working the refreshment table had no idea how many free cookies I was willing to eat and they would subsequently have to replace. When they walked away to get my free T-shirt I used it as an opportunity to steal their pen. When it came time to for the volunteers to switch positions I saw this as the perfect time to fill my pockets with granola bars and oatmeal cookies. I left with snacks, a pen, a T-shirt and a resolve that if my harm the next day I would find another blood drive and take even more snacks. SUCK IT RED CROSS!


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June 10, 2010 at 2:33 am

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